fidget ball

2020 The Newest Fidget Toys - OGHAPPY Fidget Balls

Levels of stress and anxiety have been continuously increasing, and they have been holding onto this without a way of unburdening themselves.

Introducing our Fidget Ball, The Fidget Ball is a fun gadget that helps relieve stress, feelings of anxiety and can also be used as a massage device. this addictive sound was found to help reduce high levels of stress and anxiety, fidget ball is a best way to relax and kick back.

After studing how people we're relieving there stress, we discovered that the answer for many was listen to addictive sounds that would leave them feeling satisfied, 

the protruding edges on the surface of Fidget Ball were designed for massaging purposes. it is good for massaging the hand, arm, shoudler, and neck.

They are made from high quality zinc alloy, there are 4 colors for now, please expecting the more color which we are developing.

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